Wedding at The Gables Melbourne

Wedding at The Gables Melbourne. Wendy and Derek chose The Gables Melbourne for their wedding “as it has a very classic and unique look, first venue we looked at and we both agreed that it was perfect.” Wendy also said “I purchased the gown online for $200. I did not have a tape measure (sewing) so I used an industrial tape measure – it fitted like a glove!”
Wendy had in her words “Very causal hair and make up, make up is done by Katrina from KVMUA, one of my close friend’s sister in law. Hair by my younger sister.” Jak Nguyen conducted the wedding ceremony at The Gables. The wedding photography was taken around The Gables and surrounding area. The cake was made Storeytale Cakes and The Baker Boys partied with the friends and family into the night.

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How we met

Wendy said “We met in high school, first met each other in year 7, but did not start dating until year 10.
He was a bit shy with approaching me and “taking it to the next level” given we were friends for so long. Proposal was in bed, we needed to sleep early as we needed to go to the airport on Sat morning 10/10/2015 at 6am. I went to bed first but he stayed up. It hit midnight and he got into bed, woke me up – I was a bit grumpy because I had been asleep for a while. He lunged the ring in my direction and asked me to marry hit. Me still a bit groggy, could only think of my parents – he told me he had gone to my parents the day before and asked for my hand in marriage. I never actually said yes, I put the ring back on and we both went to sleep – only to wake up at 6am to take a friend to the airport. I was definitely taken back and surprised….. given I was half asleep.”

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