Ballara Wedding day

Ballara Wedding day. Kate said “How can anyone go past Ballara? Since Both of us are from little country towns, but wanted our wedding in Melbourne, it made sense to go to the outer suburbs. We love the greenery and the little pocket of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. St. John’s Catholic Church is where Lachlan and I regularly attended when I lived in Lower Plenty and he lived on the Simpson Barracks in Greensborough. It was in that Church that Lachlan became Catholic too!” The wedding photography took place at Ballara Receptions.

Wedding gown // River at Riverside Gowns
Hair // Hair by Katherine Talianas
Make up // Chloe from Milco Hair and Makeup
Flowers // Lillypad from Reservoir
Wedding Cake // A girlfriend – Jess Lee
Car Company // A Monaro, A commodore, and a chev
DJ // Le Grand Style

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We met

We met through my older brother, Matt (One of our groomsmen). I actually opened the front door of our home to Lachlan and confidently introduced myself. I remember being draw to this tall stranger that I had never heard of before. And Lachlan recalls thinking, “Matt’s sister is HOT!”

the veilloversbride and her dogBallara girls having funBallara Wedding dayBallara Wedding cakeBallara Wedding dayBallara Wedding day

The proposal

I was on a horse riding outing with several friends. My sister and I had arranged the outing together. Little did I know that Lachlan had asked Bec to begin the organising, and when we reached the top of the mountain on horse back, he was standing there with our two dogs and a beautiful ring. Apart from surprised, I remember thinking, “This is it. We’ve made it. We have found each other and will now spend the rest of our lives together.” Ballara Wedding day