Baths Brighton Beach Wedding

Baths Brighton Beach Wedding . Narelle & Jeremy wanted a Bayside location, they didn’t want a traditional reception venue, so the Baths, Brighton was perfect for the wedding. Trinity Uniting church again was chosen for location and it just felt “right” for them. Narelle’s mum has designed, sewn and made the wedding dress. Narelle’s mum Adrienne was a couture dress maker back in the 60s. The Runway Room did the hair and makeup and Pash Flowers, Brighton supplied the flowers. The “Fake” was made by Narelle and the cake given to the guests being Sri Lankan Love cake has been made by Narelle, Jeremy’s mum Lauren and Jeremy’s Aunty Ingrid. Main Entertainment – Issac Main, acoustic guitarist and DJ. The wedding photography was taken around Brighton and at The Baths Brighton.

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We met via eharmony in October 2015. First “date” was at the Arbory bar.
Jeremy :When i first met Narelle I was initially nervous, but felt very comfortable and found her very easy to chat with, down to earth and also noticed she can handle her alcohol quite well.
Narelle : My first impression of Jeremy was how friendly and easy he was to talk to like someone i have known forever. Proposal was on 15th Oct 2016 at Stones of the Yarra Valley, in private proposal in our room and then had dinner together after.
Jeremy: This was the best day of my life, i got to ask the perfect women for me to be my wife
Narelle: Happiest day of my life so far, ecstatic and over the moon

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