Wedding at The Gables and Rockpool

Wedding at The Gables and Rockpool. Alexsandra said “We both fell in love with the gardens at the Gables, we thought it would just be perfect for our wedding. We picked the Rockpool because we have many special memories together, we have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries there.” The wedding photography was taken at Rockpool at Crown and at The Gables.

How we met

Alexsandra and Cameron both said the following on how they met. “I’m very embarrassed to say this but we meet at a bar in Hawthorn. Cameron was not confident enough to approach me himself so he got his friend to come and talk to me. His first thoughts of me was: We met in a nightclub called Cheers, I still say to this day Alexsandra was checking me out, but she keeps denying it! I asked my friend Lachlan to initiate the conversation as I wasn’t sure how to approach a beautiful like Alexsandra to be honest. I really loved Cameron’s sense of humour and how humble he is.”
“Cameron and I went to Hamilton Island in September last year. We stayed on Hayman Island for 3 days and that’s where the proposal happened. Cameron planned for us to go on a helicopter to see the Great Barrier Reef, we went pass the heart reef too. The helicopter stopped at Whitehaven beach and there was a picnic set up for us.

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The proposal happened while we were having our picnic. It didn’t end there, once we returned to our hotel we had champagne, chocolates and our room was covered with rose peddles. We ended the night with dinner under the stars. I felt very excited, happy, loved, special and very spoilt. Cameron felt: Alexsandra has explained all the details. I was very confident with what I had planned for the proposal until we arrived on Whitehaven beach, then I was definitely really nervous. All the words I had planned in my head went out the window. I was very excited and happy once she said yes, there were a few tears shed. I’m very blessed to have found Alexsandra.”

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