It’s taken 25 years for Anita and David to make this step and now they are married. Anita said “The Brighton Savoy was an easy decision for my wedding, as I have worked at the Brighton Savoy for 15 years, live locally and I know the Savoy does GOOD weddings.” The wedding was supplied by many of the Melbourne Wedding Group members. The wedding photography was taken around the Brighton Savoy. “Rabbit Theme ! I know WHAT THE? When David first met me I had a pet Angora Rabbit called Peter Rabbit and of course David had to learn the Rabbit Language after Peter passed David bought me a Flemish Giant Rabbit for Easter and we named him Charlie! We thought Rabbits only lived for 4 years as we didn’t want a Pet to tie us down and we had Charlie for 9 years – I can certainly tell you some Bunny Stories!!!”

Anita continued “We first met when I worked at for a Chinese Medical Dr and David was a patient and YES we fell in love at first sight. He was a Massage Therapist and I then started to have massage appointments weekly until I then did a Massage course so we could Massage each other! David proposed a long time ago, 13 years ago David and I went to go to the Movies we had time to kill and walked around the shop found Temeli Jewellery and I chose an engagement ring That night instead of the Movies we had Japanese (my favourite meal) and then a drive to Middle Brighton Beach where David proposed I was overwhelmed and excited and David was shocked and what he had just done!!!

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