When asked Annette said “Mark and I met after meeting on a dating app after chatting for a few days. I thought Mark seemed like a very sensitive and intuitive person. Mark later told me that he thought I was clever, sophisticated and pretty. Mark had planned a wonderful night in a gondola on the Yarra and dinner but like the best made plans of mice and men, it ended up raining and the plans were cancelled. Mark had to propose to me in my office at work! He was saying all these beautiful things to me it was simple and sweet.”

“I loved the grounds at Shadowfax Winery and wanted my wedding there, it reminded me a lot of my family’s home in Italy and I also loved the modern simplicity and elegance of the winery. St Augustine’s is a beautiful bluestone building which has a heritage listing and stood the test of time, hopefully like our marriage.”

Wedding photos were taken on a wet day in Melbourne at Shadowfax winery by Hayley.

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