Grace & Andy – Wedding at the Portsea Hotel

Grace and Andy said about having a wedding at the Portsea Hotel “We love the beach and the idea of a beachy wedding. The Portsea Hotel has a fantastic view of the bay especially at the Deck which is why we picked Portsea for our reception.” The wedding photography was taken around Portsea and at the Portsea Hotel.

Having a wedding at the Portsea Hotel

Wedding Gown // Raffaele Ciuca
Hair & Make Up // Glamour Mafia
Celebrant // Leanna Smith
Flowers // Hello Blossoms
DJ // DJ Clay

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How we met

“We met in 2010 at PJ O’Briens in Southbank. Andy-was out with my friend Brian from Ireland.
Grace- was out with my cousin from Liverpool (Louise) to meet up with her friend Anna for drinks and chat.
The pub was packed as it was a Friday or Saturday night and our table (Grace’s table) had extra chairs so Andy and his friend asked if they can sit on our table. We got chatting and found out that is Irish although I thought he said he was from Poland because he had a few drinks and his accent was quite thick. He was backpacking in Australia. At the end of the night, I said ‘Find me on facebook’. To my surprise, not long after, he tracked me down and we reconnected. We made it official in August 2010 which is our anniversary.” “Andy- I thought Grace was cute with a Scouser accent, Irish name, and caramel Filipino skin. For me, that was an exotic combination. Grace- I thought Andy was a good looking lad despite his longish curly blond hair. He was funny, easy going, and I love his accent.”

Wedding at Portsea HotelWedding at Portsea Hotel brideWedding at Portsea Hotel pier

“He proposed on our 5th year anniversary (20 August 2015) when I got home from work. He surprised me with a handmade cabinet that he made himself as I was always complaining about extra storage. He bought me a gorgeous big bouquet of flowers and Champagne and knelt down and asked me to be his wife. I knew it was coming at some point as I was turning 30 on the 15th of September but was just surprised he proposed on our anniversary. I was very happy and was quite excited to go ring shopping together.”

Wedding at Portsea Hotel VWWedding dance at Portsea Hotel