Happy Quat Quatta Wedding

St Clements of Rome Parish was chosen as this is Peter’s family church as mine is back in Tasmania where I am originally from. We choose a Happy Quat Quatta Wedding, as we fell in love with the elegant Victorian architecture marble porch and subtle modern touches throughout. The Quat Quatta is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Amaline Vitale
Hair & Make up // Elly Liana
Celebrant // Monsignor Franco Cavarra
Flowers // Seaholly
Wedding Cake // A little bit Fancee
Cars // Amazing limousines
Band // Our Friend Alexi Florez singer/guitarist & Matthew

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How we met: I had just moved to Melbourne to pursue my studies in Physiotherapy. We became connected through the use of the ‘Tinder’ app. Peter thought I was cute as well as my cat!, I swiped because I was attracted to Peter’a intelligence of studying electrical engineering as well as his ability to do a handstand (I was a competitive gymnast). We decided to catch up in Melbourne city to get to know each other. Soon enough we were enjoying each others company more and more, going to movies and adventures together.

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The Proposal: Peter & I competed in the Spartan obstacle course race in Bright. Pushing our fitness in terms of skill, strength and endurance is something that we both share a passion for and Spartan delivers all three. Little did I know Peter was more determined than ever in this race to ensure that I did not beat him otherwise his special plan at the end of the finish line would not play out as smoothly. Peter managed to be 10 minutes in front of me which gave him sufficient time to prepare for my special prize for for finishing the course. As I crossed the finish line, I approached Peter to give him a big hug, instead he got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage, placing a beautiful sparkling engagement ring on my lovely muddy hand from the grueling race course.

Happy Quat Quatta Weddingmarried at quat