HMAS Cerberus wedding

HMAS Cerberus wedding. The military has been a significant part of our history, it was fitting have both the wedding and reception at a military base. The wedding photography was taken at HMAS Cerberus. Chris & Matt met on a dark and stormy Tuesday night at army reserves.
Matt thought Chris was confident and beautiful and Chris thought Matt was adorable and just so nice.

Wedding gown // Lu Beloo
Make up // Michelle O’Connell
Minister // Padre Cameron west
Wedding Cake // The Queen Victoria Market Delicatessen
Car Company // Passion Pony Hire
DJ // JJ Light n Sounds
Caterers // Millies Catering – Naval Catering Services

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The proposal take place in, it was very public.
In the morning I said to Matt, aren’t you going to work, Matt jumped up off the bed and said “Yep” time to go and left for work.
He went and had breakfast u the street. Then went home, changed into a suit, collected his pre made “Will you Marry Me Sign”
Matt drove to Chris’s work.
Matt rang Chris and told her to look out the window, the window is in Craigs office, Chris said Craig (her manager is in there), Matt told her again to look at the window, Chris went into Craigs office and said to Craig, we have to look out your window, Chris saw Matt in a suit on one knee with a small box, a bunch of flowers and a sign that read “will you marry me Chris”
Craig laughed and said you better go, Chris went outside and said yes.

HMAS Cerberus weddingHMAS Cerberus weddingHMAS Cerberus weddingHMAS Cerberus weddingHMAS Cerberus wedding