When asked why they chose Nathania Springs for the wedding, Jessica said “Nathania has beautiful gardens for photos, they offered an excellent reception package and they offered a children’s package with a staff member supervising the kids.” The theme for the wedding was Navy Blue. Flowers were supplied by Flowers Forever After and the Cake was made by Eiffel Tower. Proeye worked along side with me to provide the video and the wedding photography session was taken around the grounds at Nathania Springs.

Aaaron & Jessica met at Anglers Tavern in Maribyrnong.
Aaron said “Out of all the people at the bar that night and on the dance floor we made eye contact and smiled at each other and I thought she was really pretty so thought i’d go over to say high.”
Jessica said “I thought he was handsome and had a really cute smile and I liked the fact he came over and introduced himself. The proposal took place with Aaron filming us perform a song in the lounge room, he plays guitar and I sing, then after the song he told me he bought our puppy a present and pulled out a collar that had a tag on it engraved with ‘Will you marry my dad?'”

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