Marybrooke Manor Wedding Day

Marybrooke Manor Wedding Day, Sherbrooke. We love going on drives up mount Dandenong, and had accidentally stumbled upon it one day and loved the old style of the buildings and the beautiful ceremony and reception spaces. Marybrooke Manor is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Brides of Melbourne
Suits // Formal Red
Hair & Make up // Vanessa Bomba
Celebrant // Phill Brake
Flowers // Helena
Wedding Cake // Jess Newton
Video // Passion8 Photo & Video
Band // Keegan – Audio Entertainment

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How we met: Hudson (Anna’s brother) was having some people from church around at the house, and Ben was one of them. At first we were just friends and expected nothing of the other person, but as we grew closer the relationship grew too.

bridal gownbridegroomMarybrooke Manor Wedding DayMarybrooke Manor Wedding DayMarybrooke Manor Wedding DayMarybrooke Manor Wedding DayThe Proposal: Took place on December 1st 2018. Anna planned for us to take a drive down the coast for our anniversary. Ben had thought it was best Anna plan this day because usually she would want to be involved, so this was the best way she would have no idea of the proposal. We drove to Diamond Bay and Ben hoped to find a nice spot to propose there. Unfortunately, it was a hot day and the beach was packed so his original plan of proposing on the beach didn’t work. He recommended we take a walk before going for a swim. Lucky enough for Ben, on the walk we came across a beautiful look out over the bay, and thats where Ben proposed. After Ben asked “Anna, will you marry me?” Anna responded with “are you sure?”

Marybrooke Manor Wedding