Wedding at Encore

Wedding at Encore, Melanie said that “We were always going to have our ceremony at a church, for religious reasons. We chose Xavier as the chapel and grounds are beautiful. We also loved how Xavier looks so grand, yet it is not as big as other churches. We chose Encore for the reception due to it’s modern décor and food. (I asked John this question and he said “It just felt right!”).” They had their wedding photos taken at Xavier and at Encore St. Kilda beach. The girls at Burgess Video capture the video at Encore and at all the photography locations.

When we asked Melanie, she said “We met through first talking on the good old msn messenger. This then progressed to endless hours on the landline, and eventually our relationship started. We just bought our first house together. On the day that we were set to move in, I told John to wear comfortable clothes so we could clean the house first and move in straight away, but he insisted on wearing something nice so we could take photos (I did not suspect a thing). Next thing I knew, he walked over to a corner of the house and asked me if there was a scratch on the wall, and when I turned around, he was down on one knee.”

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