Antonio and I “re-met” via Facebook over 5 years ago; both of us having gone through terrible marriage break downs. We became friends who spoke daily. Antonio lived in Milano, Italy. Myself, Michelle, in Australia. As the weeks went on, we found ourselves falling for each other. We decided then that we should meet face to face to see if this was real. Bali was our chosen destination. So, Antonio went and got himself a passport and in April 2013 we met face to face for the first time and fell instantly in love. Over the course of the next 8 months we traveled backwards and forwards from Australia to Italy and vice versa. We finally decided we couldn’t live without each other. Antonio sold his 2 restaurants in Milano, to come and reside in Australia in 2014.

Within days of arriving, I was diagnosed with very early stage cervical cancer. It was operable, would not require treatment – but this was a big shock to us. We were told we would not be able to have children; but this was ok. We already had 3 daughters between us from our previous marriages. In November 2015, we were shocked and so very happy to find out that we were pregnant. We were told that the baby wouldn’t go to term – but Mia Grace made it to 39.5 weeks and was nothing short of a miracle in our eyes. Born 13th August 2015.

On the 26th of September 2017, we got the news that nobody ever wants to hear.
“Antonio has small cell lung cancer. It is inoperable. We must start treatment immediately. He may not have long to live. Maybe 12 months.” Our whole world came crashing down upon us. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine this. Never. We still don’t believe this is happening. We had put off our wedding for so many reasons over the past 3 years, but now, we do not have any more time to put it off. So in the space of 3 weeks, we have pulled together the wedding of our dreams with the help of an angel by the name of Debbi Arpini, who has called upon her amazing friends to help us arrange this spectacular day. A day that my children and I will remember forever.

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