Normanby House Reception Wedding

Normanby House Reception Wedding. The church we have chosen is the same church I had been involved in and had done a few readings in the past. I wanted a church that had I had spent some time during my early years. The reception venue was the hard part, we wanted something close to the ceremony and needed a good vibe from the owner. Wedding photos were taken around Thornbury and at Normanby House Reception Centre.

Wedding gown // Brides of Melbourne
Hair // Showcase Beauty – Dina
Wedding Cake // Eiffel Towers Cakes
Video // Passion8
Car Company // GT King Melbourne
DJ // Cruisin Croonin karaoke

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We met

We met about 8years ago whilst playing poker. Chris was instantly taken back and became infatuated with me. I could not see him through the engine oil. Then after a 7 year gap and a chance meeting we were both taken back from how well we compliment each other. The proposal took place on the 23/2/18, Chris had organised dinner at the venue we had our first date (the piano bar) during the night our song started playing (you and me by life house) and there was Chris holding a ring. I was taken back and did not hear a thing he said, of course I said yes.

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