Philippa said “We spent a day looking through the Dandenongs, and found the forest surrounding Lyrebird falls really beautiful. We also liked the intimate feel that it had at Lyrebird Falls.” The wedding was conducted by friend and pastor Rob Buckingham form Bayside Church. The wedding photography was taken around Lyrebird Falls prior to the reception, which was also at Lyrebird. They will be enjoying their honeymoon in Malaysia, Langkawi.

Pip said “I first Met Andrew at a church camp 3 years ago, but only got to know him when he invited me to a dinner party at his place. He wanted to get to know me as a friend. I hoped for much more than a friendship a lot earlier than him- but he caught up in the end. I remember thinking this guy is really nice and had beautiful blue eyes…. not sure of his thoughts! Andrew proposed at Cape Schanck on the Morning peninsula on the May 30th. We were on a lookout overlooking the coastline. I was very excited and very happy. I was not surprised that he proposed but wasn’t expecting it at the time. I cried a little and it felt very surreal.”

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