Poets Lane Intimate Wedding

We needed a location that was easy to get to for all (Holly has Chinese and American relatives) and I have some overseas guests so we picked Australia as accessible to all, and arranging a venue mid week really meant family and friends had to take time off from work so it needed to be in the Melb vicinity, (weekends are booked up more than year ahead and we were late arranging a booking), and we decided the venue needed to have spring flowers and warmish weather on the day, and I wanted a wedding late Oct/November to coincide with Holly’s 786th month) so this implied the Dandenongs to have late spring flowers, and Poet’s Lane is an intimate venue for 90 people…we checked out many before making the decision. Poets Lane Intimate Wedding is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding Gown and reception dress were hand made by a Beijing family business with 2 fitting sessions over the past year when Holly was visiting China. Shoes were bought in a Milan shop that focuses solely on wedding attire while I was cycling in the Italian Dolomites in Sept this year.

Celebrant // Andrew Redman
Invites // Handmade by Holly
Flowers // Poets Lane
DJ // Shanghai Night…a violinist and a keyboard player

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How we met: We met ~6 years ago in a Sth Yarra restaurant via a 3rd party arranged date. I was keen, Holly declined a 2nd date that night, but via a series of unforeseen steps, we met again the following day at Holly’s house and she agreed to go out again, which led to rapid happiness & love towards each other.

alfred nicholas gardensalfred nicholas gardensalfred nicholas gardensPoets Lane Intimate WeddingPoets Lane Intimate WeddingPoets Lane Intimate WeddingPoets Lane Intimate WeddingThe Proposal: I proposed to her on her birthday of 768 months (7 is the lucky number of the West, 8 is the lucky number of the East and 6 represents Love) via a poem I had written months beforehand (and kept in my jeans back pocket) when we were in japan (for a bike ride across the Japanese Alps for me), in a Ryokan room (a family hotel) after a long hot Onsen bath, wearing Yakuza’s following a 15 course dinner, looking out over the Japanese Sea and a setting sun. Holly had tears and said YES.