Wedding at D’angelos Winery

Wedding at D’angelos Winery. Racheal said when asked about her wedding venue “We chose Dángelos Winery for a few reason, it was affordable, close to home, we loved there pizza’s & most of all the owners & staff made us feel like family every time.” Alison Eno conducted the ceremony at Dángelos Winery and the wedding photography was taken around the grounds at D’angelos. Racheal wore a gown by Miss Gowns in Berwick, flowers supplied by Buds n Roses and hair by Paulina Woods.

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Racheal also said “James & I went to school together (he was a few years older) so we were Facebook friends, although we didn’t really have much to do with each other. James had posted on fb about his window tinting business, only a few days later my mum mentioned she wanted some tinting work done to the house, so i contacted James. Long story short, james & i got talking (turned out he loved in the next street!) he did the job at my parents please (for free hehe) & he asked me out for dinner (we went out for pizza), The rest was history. James proposed at Olinda falls in Olinda. It was the most beautiful setting right next to a water fall James dropped to his knee & asked me to Marry him. It was so beautiful.”

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