“We chose St Andrews Anglican church for the wedding ceremony, because I had always wanted to get married in a church and decided that knowing November was unpredictable due to the weather, that a beach wedding would probably not be a great idea so then we settled on the beach location wedding at Milanos Brighton for our wedding reception, thinking that hopefully we will have a beautiful sunset over the water and Port Phillip Bay”, said Rebecca. The wedding photography was taken around Melbourne, at Luna Park, Port Melbourne pier and Brighton beach.

Rebecca said, “John and I spoke online and then we first met each other face to face at a coffee shop in Oakleigh. When I first met John he seemed incredibly nervous and kept closing his eyes like he couldn’t look at me. I was like is this guy okay or he doesn’t want to look at me.  Turns out he was just nervous. John was checking me out when I drove past the cafe whilst he was waiting for me and he thought, Oh she looks like a nice girl and drives a nice car as well. Both being car enthusiasts we hit it off immediately!  He was persistent in meeting up with me for quite some time .  He walked me to my car noticed I drove a manual, once I drove off he send me an SMS and said I drove a good stick!!

The proposal took place on  Christmas Day in our lounge room and he used about six boxes going  from a really big box  right down to the small ring box. As soon as I seen the box I thought oh no oh no what is this,  is this what I think it is! It made me pretty emotional and I don’t think it actually hit me until I called my mum and I told her that I had just gotten engaged, she said to me oh bullshit you did not and that’s when I started crying and said yes!! I did!  So Christmas Day 2013 was an extra celebration that year.”

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