Sails on the Bay wedding party

Rosie & Jeff had a Sails on the Bay wedding party. They had the wedding ceremony at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park. The wedding photography was taken at Sails on the Bay, Brighton beach and Elwood. Friends and family celebrated into the night at Sails on the Bay. Jeff from the US, had many of his friends and family fly over for the event. Sails on the bay restaurant is a great choice in Melbourne to have your wedding. “The theme to our wedding was beachside/bayside and both venues and staff were legendary and a pleasure to work with”, said Rosie.

Wedding gown // Dalywn Bateson with the finest Tessuti fabrics.
Suit hire // Trevor West, South Yarra
Makeup // Emma D, Brighton
Hair // Charlotte Terray – Le Salon, Sandringham
Tan // Amanda, TanFX Brighton
Flowers // Dogwood & Co
Wedding Cake // Sally’s Cakes, Prahan
DJ/Band // Benn Manie
Car Company // Triple R Car Hire

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How we met

We met in New York City on Sunday 21st September 2014, after a random encounter in a Manhattan sports bar. Rosie was visiting NY on a quick stopover for dinner with her good family friends (Bob and Marg from Armidale, Australia and Russ and Tammy from Idaho, USA). Jeff was out for “Sunday Funday” (US Football) with some friends, including his great Aussie mate, Dale.

Numbers were exchanged and the following morning we met for a quick coffee at ‘Eataly’ in Manhattan before Jeff went off to teach some golf, and Rosie went to Boston.

Although they didn’t keep in close touch for the first 5 months, things soon CHANGED! Thank goodness for the luxury of modern technology (facebook, skype, texting) that kept us close touch. You never know how much you can learn about someone when you are forced to talk on two ends of the phone. Rosie had a few US vacations in 2015 which kept us inseparable.

Jeff visited in Australia in December 2015/January 2016 and decided to stay… well, almost! Jeff got himself a sporting visa and subsequent work and we moved down to beautiful Melbourne in mid 2016. Jeff’ enjoys his work as a golf professional managing a company that creates custom golf clubs. Rosie’s talents lie in marketing and communications.

Sails on the Bay wedding partySails on the Bay wedding partySails on the Bay wedding party

How did the proposal take place

Saturday 8th April 2017 – sunrise by the Brighton Beach bathing boxes at Dendy Beach.
8 April is known as ‘The world is ours day’, International Empanada Day’ and ‘The day Rosie said YES!’, it’s a day we’ll never forget.

Sails on the Bay wedding partySails on the Bay wedding party