Wedding at RIVA St. Kilda

Sarah said “We chose our Wedding at RIVA St. Kilda because we both loved the view of the water the palm trees, and the white picket fence. Jake always wanted a beach type wedding so it was a good compromise without having to walk on sand.” Julie Byrne conducted the wedding ceremony looking over the boats in the marina at Riva. Riva was also the venue for all the wedding photography.

When they first met, Jake remembers that Sarah had really white hair and wore a decent amount of fake tan. Sarah remembers sussing out the good lookers in their course and Jake caught her eye, although after spending numerous classes together it took her about 6 months to notice he wore glasses, even though he said he wore them to every class.

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The Proposal

Sarah said “Jake proposed in Sorrento after a day of sightseeing, wining and dining. Sarah wanted a wine after dinner to take to their room and proceeded to mention that if Jake was to propose that he must buy a bottle of Veuve to celebrate with. Little did Sarah know that Jake had already planned to propose later that night and to go unnoticed, Jake nervously had to go with a bottle of Sav Blanc and hope for the best.
Once back at the room, Jake had to get Sarah out again so that he could organise the room and prepare for the proposal. So he played the sore knee card (for those of you who are unaware he has had multiple surgeries on his knee) and sent Sarah back to the shops to pick up some Panadol rapid for him while he ‘rested’, which allowed Jake time to have everything organised for her return.
Jake going down on one knee and the proposal left Sarah surprisingly speechless and fixated on her finger for the next hour and a half, leaving Jake free to watch the football on tv with no complaints until she regained her composure.”

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