Seville Estate Wedding

We LOVE food and wine and nature. The scenery at Seville Estate wedding is stunning and the food, wine and service is exceptional. We almost had an overseas wedding, but it would have cancelled out too many people, so the Yarra Valley won. The Seville Estate is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Brides of Melbourne
Hair // Jayson Wood
Make up // Julie Dammery
Celebrant // Jessie Belle
Flowers // Wandin Florist
Wedding Cake // The Epicurean at QVM
DJ // Danielle Steller

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How we met: We are a product of tinder! We met at a coffee shop in Abbotsford 5 years ago. I thought “Oh thank god, he’s really good looking like his photo!”, Michele thought “wow, she’s forward” when I gave him a hug and kiss hello :) Our first date was 12 hours long, and we haven’t stopped chatting ever since! (Especially about food!)

Seville Estate WeddingSeville Estate WeddingSeville Estate Weddinghappy brideSeville Estate Wedding
The Proposal: Michele proposed on top of a mountain in the Italian Alps last year. It had been an emotional journey for us to get to that point as we both never aligned on wanting to get married and have kids, so when he dropped to his knee after a 5hrs hike to the top, it was pure, raw emotion.
happy bridal couplefun brideSeville Estate Wedding