Shannon and Mathew had their wedding at Sails on the Bay, looking over Elwood Beach. Shan said “We live by the beach, we got together over summer, & we wanted something classy but low key, & beach-y. Sails on the Bay suited our relaxed day. It was a relaxed affair with Mike Larkan conducting the ceremony in the terrace at Sails on the Bay. Shan and Mat partied with their friends and family into the night. The wedding photography session took place on Elwood beach and at Sails on the Bay at sunset. Tara, Shan’s mum made the cake, which was worthy of any cake maker effort.

Shannon said, when asked how they met “We first met through Shan’s best friend Becc. The girls were on a farewell night out as Becc was going overseas for 2 years. Matty had been at the football with his mate & they were having after game drinks. The girls came to meet them after bar hopping for a bit. Matty says Shan walked in & he thought ‘Wow! Who is this girl & where has Becc been hiding her?’ Shan was in a slightly different space, & thought ‘He’s cute, but he looks very clean cut. I don’t think he can handle me!’ (Little did she know, he’s the only one who can!!). We came home from an overseas trip, & couldn’t sleep for jet lag. We started talking & just agreed we wanted to marry each other. Then, we thought we’d better plan a few things, found a venue, which happened to be free on our three year anniversary, booked it, & decided on some invites. We kept it a secret between us for 2 months. Then we thought we’d better get into it if we were to invite people to a wedding, so we went & chose a ring together, & then told our parents first, then the rest of our families, & friends…. ”

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