Silverwater Resort Wedding

We chose Silverwater resort wedding San Remo overlooking western port bay also another iconic fishing destination. Having fishing and the love of the water as a major part of Brenton life I also developed my own appreciation for the beautiful serenity and peaceful place the beach and ocean was. I had the opportunity to see many new places on the boat on many of our boating adventures. There was no doubt In my planning that I could give him a wedding day he wouldn’t forget and a venue sentimental to him. The Silverwater Resort Phillip Island is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // pure elegance bridal Moe Stella York dress.
Mens Suits // Modern Male Korumburra
Hair // My sister in law Breanna @ Bizz Scissors
Make up // Michelle Condoluci- Luxe Allure Aesthetics
Styling // Jess eventful horizon Korumburra and diy craft by the bride
Celebrant // Sarah Sullivan – Forget me Knot celebrant
Invites // Vista print
Flowers // Desflora artificial flowers Hallam
Wedding Cake // Sarah’s Cakes Korumburra
Video // Cinema weddings Glenn Triggs

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How we met: We first met on a blind date at Stony creek races on 9th May 2014, which was set up by Brenton’s twin brother. The night prior brenton and I had unknowingly been at the same local bar celebrating our birthdays only a day apart.
I spend the night dancing away with my then hairdresser and funnily enough Brenton’s older sister and his group of friends who have now become wonderful friends to me also.
I soon learnt the party diva that brenton was often got him into trouble and often left sitting on the bench outside waiting for his friends to come out from the pub.
We first laid eyes on each other in the driveway of Brentons parents house. We had been chatting before hand for 2-3 weeks.
My first thoughts:
I literally stopped in my tracks in absolute awe of the most incredible handsome man with these striking crystal blue eyes, and Aussie as they get “yeah gidday” he said Holding a vb stubby in his hand. It was pure butterflies.
At the races he took my hand and held it all day, and my heart just felt like it was too good to be true, how could I be so lucky. his smile and mine just mirrored each other’s.
He placed a bet on the last race of the day and took me to the lawn in the middle of everyone and as the horses he tipped took the win he wrapped his arms around me and he romantically and passionately shared his first kiss which absolutely stole my heart.
I was in love and at first sight!!
Brenton: I felt exactly the same, the instant chemistry and feelings, love at first sight, she was just beautiful.
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The Proposal: A bbq picnic dinner at Brenton’s favourite place to go fishing at Port Welshpool. As the sun began to sunset Brenton asked me to come down to the beach for a walk, but at 38weeks pregnant I was hesitant to get out of the car again.
He took me by the hand once again and with our dog excitedly running rings around us kicking up the sand I turned back to Brenton on one knee and asked me to marry him.
My eyes instantly welling with tears asking “ are you sure” “yes!!!! ”
He asked me to put the ring on but I couldn’t see to do so. I knew this was the start of the next beautiful chapter of our lives and he had make me his girl forever and officially!!