Skyhigh Dandenongs Wedding

We chose our venue, Skyhigh Dandenongs Wedding, as it was the location of our first date. Skyhigh is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Eternal Weddings
Hair & Make up // Nicky Edwards – Nicky Edwards Hair & Make Up
Celebrant // Ron Gallagher – ‘Your Celebrant’
Flowers // Sam’s lovely bridesmaid, Siobhan ordered flowers and made the bouquets
Wedding Cake // Cake was made by a friend of the brides mum, Kelleigh Lamb
Cars // Limo 2 You & Samantha – Friend Scott Purdey
DJ // Party Hire Productions (PHP) – Sergio

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How we met: We met about 9 years ago through mutual friends. There was no romantic feelings between us until just over 3 years ago. Well, it all started, as many relationships do, at a mutual friend’s party. The occasion was New Year’s Eve 2012 and the hosts were Michael and Siobhan. During conversation Samantha mentioned to Ryan that she had started dancing lessons which prompted Ryan to bust out a few moves of his own. Samantha was suitably impressed.

2018 while at a dance lesson at Marshere, circumstances led them to discussing a meet up outside of Marshere to chat about what was happening around them at the time. Their plans, originally proposed as a quiet walk, were changed last minute to a night out for salsa dancing. This somewhat innocent idea for a get-together led them to an evening out at the Night Cat. It was at this point we realised we had feelings for each other across the fun and flirtatious night

The Proposal: on our two-year anniversary, which happened to be a Saturday, after a leisurely walk together around the lake was a means of getting out of the house during lockdown and upon returning Ryan put on some music and they started dancing around the loungeroom. “Don’t move from this spot” he said and quickly disappeared, to return with a huge bouquet of roses and handed Samantha a card. By the end of reading the card Samantha was, and I quote, “a blubbering mess” and could barely make out the words. When she finally looked up there was Ryan on one knee, ring in hand. Mission proposal was finally complete. They popped the champagne, Ryan had arranged, and danced around the loungeroom late into the night.