Sofitel Wedding

The reception is going to be at No35 at Sofitel wedding venue. I started going to No35 at Sofitel about ten years ago for my birthday. I have always considered being a nice restaurant with a great view. When Katy came to Australia, I also took her to level 35. It has become one of our venue for special events. Originally, we also thought it would be nice for Katy’s parents to witness the view during the reception although due to COVID-19 restrictions, they are unable to attend the wedding. We chose St Michael’s Uniting Church because I had attended a Uniting Church for about ten years during my teens/20s. I moved to Shepparton then Wodonga for my career after university and I started to drift away from the church. However, Uniting Church still has a special significance for me. Level 35 at Sofitel is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Shehzarin Batha Couture in Armadale
Suit // Black Tie Classic at Elgin Street, Carlton
Hair // Jenn Chan @hairbyjc
Make up // Elly Liana, @makeupbyellyliana
Minister // Rev David Dawes
Flowers // Misses Fleuri Studio
Wedding Cake // Aida Man

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How we met: Tony: We first met each other at my cousin’s wedding in Taiwan in May 2014. I first saw Katy at the hens night in a local bar. We got on well and gone out a few more times after the hens night, but we didn’t formally get together until 2018 when I visited Taiwan again. In 2018, I visited Taiwan again for a holiday and thought I would ask Katy out for a meal but I wasn’t sure whether she would come along. This is because we didn’t have any communication for four years. I just thought that we had a lot of fun last time when I was in Taiwan and thought it would be nice for us to reconnect. That was on 8 May 2018. At the end of the meal, we made a commitment to start a relationship together. It was serious from the start because we both knew that we had committed to a long-distance relationship. My first thoughts of Katy was that she is a kind girl that appreciated my oddness.
Katy: I fall in love with Tony from the first moment that I saw him. I remember the moment clearly. It was his laugher that made me fall in love with him. He laughed like he didn’t have any worries about what others think about him. It was like how a child would laugh. Very innocent and cute. I also thought he was an honest person and down to michaels collins sthappy couplemarried melbourneSofitel WeddingSofitel WeddingSofitel WeddingSofitel WeddingSofitel Weddingmelbourne wedding

The Proposal: Tony: The proposal happened on 2 February 2020. I had arranged a short weekend trip for Katy to see the Great Ocean Road. As part of the trip, I arranged for us to see the sunrise at Teddy’s Lookout. It would have been around 5am and there was no one at the lookout. We were on the lookout for about 20 minutes and I was waiting for the “right” moment to propose to Katy, thinking to myself that I will do it after the first ray like the lion king movie. This was a mistake as I realised that sunrise is a gradual process and there is no right moment. Somehow, I mastered the courage and got on one knee behind Katy and asked her to marry me. When I proposed, I felt nervous (even though I have no doubt she would say yes) and excited about the future ahead of us.
Katy: I was very surprised when Tony proposed. I burst out in tears of happiness. I didn’t even think that I would cry but it was one of the happiest moment in my life.