This was part two of the home wedding, as Stephanie came down with an illness 3 months ago. The day was celebrated by close family and friends at Eric’s mum’s house. We were able to walk over to the Carlton Gardens to capture a few photos of this fun couple, Stephanie was so funny, with her new lease on life.

I asked them how they met and they wrote this for me “We first talked on tinder but we first met at Koko black on a cloudy slightly drissley day, I was running a few minutes late thinking oh shit oh shit oh shit please I haven’t blown it before I’ve even met her. When I arrived there was that awkward hello but already I knew I liked her sense of style. Once upstairs (it is a cute little Koko black crammed into royal arcade just off Bourke st mall) we sat down in these great big antique style leather chairs (which I spent ages trying to figure out do I sit on the edge or right back into it), after a few awkward conversations I think I relaxed a bit and we got on really well. I was so nervous it felt like a first date in high school again, I really wanted things to go well. I remember liking how she dressed with class and how much I liked her sense of humour and just felt right being there with her. I also thought she was absolutely gorgeous. We ended up at Melbourne central tram stop (for safety having just met me she didn’t want me walking her right home which I thought was very smart nowadays), it seemed we are both very affectionate and stood there hugging which beautifully seemed like a long time, which ended with  an elegant kiss at the end. I remember thinking I can’t wait to see her again and miss her already :).”

The proposal went like this “We had been discussing it for a while and had even chosen an engagement ring. But we couldn’t wait, I used one of her existing rings and after her favourite dinner when she was sitting on her bed I knelt beside it and said “Sweetheart you have been the best thing ever to have come into my life. You are my strength and my heart, I do not want to spend a single day, nay, a single moment without you. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”. At least I tried to get it out word for word had been practising it for a week about 30 times each day, didn’t stop me from blonding it up hehe. I felt truly amazing and even though we had been talking about it and I pretty much knew the answer I was almost overwhelmed with happiness and love for her. I felt amazing.”

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