Wedding bliss Quat Quatta

Wedding bliss Quat Quatta. Kate and Ben had their wedding ceremony at Joan of Arc in Brighton, with the wedding reception celebrated at Quat Quatta. The Baker boys rocked the wedding at Quat Quatta and Langdon from Life in Motion videoed the wedding. Lis & Molly, Kate’s sister in law and cousin in law, designed & supplied the flowers, the Red Mustang was supplied by Pony Passion. Living Doll was the make up artist and Kirby Richards did the hair for the bridesmaids and Kate. The wedding photography took place at Quat Quatta, Joan of Arc and around Brighton.

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Met in 2011 at a Danish music festival

Kate and Ben met in 2011 at a Danish music festival “Roskilde Festival”, named after the town where it is held. They were camping in the same campsite since they had mutual friends, but had never met when Kate was on exchange in Copenhagen. Sparks flew, but Kate was off to Canada for exchange!
Some months later, Ben wrote to Kate that he had been thinking about going on a trip to Canada for some time, what a coincidence! They travelled together to see Kingston, Toronto and Niagara Falls, and it was there that they decided to give this long distance thing a go. Three years of travelling around the world to see each other later, and Kate finished her studies and found a job in Copenhagen.

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Ben proposed on December 6th 2015 (the day after Kate’s birthday), Kate was ecstatic and said yes! Kate says: “Meeting Ben has been quite an adventure! Living apart for so long had its ups and downs, but I really found out just how important Ben is to me. I’m so happy to be spending the rest of my life with Ben. Thank you Jan and Sanne for raising such a kind and loving young man.”
Ben says: “When I first met Kate, I knew she’d be worth waiting for. Now 5 years later, it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you for always staying strong, and for believing in our love and future together.”

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