Wedding love Sails on the Bay

Wedding love Sails on the Bay. Laura chose St. Michael’s Melbourne to get married, as it’s the same church that both her nanna and mum were married in. They chose Sails on the Bay for the wedding reception, because of the stunning view and they love the food and service. The wedding photography was taken at St. Michael’s, Sails on the Bay and around Melbourne. Stu Art videoed the event and the bridal party was driven by Allclass Limousines. Laura looked stunning in a gown from Nifi Bridal, with flowers from Anna Loughnan Flowers, Hair was created by Fetish for Hair and Make up by Natalie Tullio. The band Heatwave rocked the family and friends into the night at Sails on the Bay.

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We met at a mutual friends birthday

Laura said “We met in March 2014, at a mutual friends birthday drinks. Laura thought Ben was tall and attractive but a bit arrogant. Ben thought “Who is that tall blonde?”. We started talking that night and Ben asked for my number. Ben proposed on November 20th 2015. It was a Friday and he left for work as usual (it was early and he always leaves before me). In actual fact, Ben went to see my dad to tell him that he was going to propose that night. He then set up our house (we love our home and we are very much home bodies!) with fairy lights in the back yard. I arrived home after work and found a trail of cards (X3) that led me from the garage into our house. When I opened the door there were candles up the stairs, rose petals down the hallway and Ben standing in the sun room (he was suppose to be in the back yard with the lights but it was raining). I realized then what was happening I started crying (not dainty crying…ugly sobbing unattractive crying). I couldn’t think and he had to tell me to put my bag down, shut the door and walk towards him. I was so busy crying he had to ask me if I liked the ring after he had proposed. He had arranged for our families to come over later that night for dinner. It was perfect and very us.”

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