Chateau Wyuna Wedding Day

Christine & Chris were married at Chateau Wyuna, they had both their ceremony and reception there. We chose Chateau Wyuna wedding day as our venue as it ticked all our requirements. The place had allot of natural scenery and trees, the reception rooms were beautiful, it was conveniently located, had allot of parking and within our budget. Chateau Wyuna is where the wedding photography took place. The wedding dress is made by a lovely dressmaker in Italy called Lucia who makes custom design handmade wedding dresses. She also made the custom design short red dress for the evening reception.

Wedding Gown // Lucia
Styling // Chateau Wyuna
Hair & Make up // Sheridan Miller
Celebrant // Deborah Judkins
Flowers // Everbloome Flower
Wedding Cake // Gayle Driver
DJ // Chateau Wyuna Dj Ian from Audio Entertainment

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How we met: We first met online and after chatting for a while, decided to meetup at a local coffee house. We had a great connection together and rest is history.
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Chateau Wyuna is renowned as a truly unique wedding reception and function venue located straight out Canterbury Road.

The wedding venue included a coordinator and sorted out the chairs, table decorations, etc.
Hair and makeup was done by Sheridan Miller.  Her website is:
Our celebrant is Deborah Judkins. Her website is:
We got dried flower bouquets from Everbloome Flower shop. The website is:
We used the in house DJ for Chateau Wyuna, Ian. The company is Audio Entertainment. The website is: