Eynesbury Homestead Wedding

We chose our venue, Eynesbury Homestead Wedding, because of the relaxed country feel. The ceremony was in our family church, where all our special events happen. Eynesbury is where the wedding photography took place.

Hair & Make up // Natasha Mobile Makeovers
Celebrant // Mike Larkan
Flowers // Amanda Laan proud designs
Wedding Cake // Doris Eynesbury
Cars // Robert Wort
Photobooth // Photo booth ey certera
DJ // Choir Monkeys, Daniel Kenny

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familyhappy brideEynesbury Homestead Weddingpool table brideEynesbury Homestead WeddingEynesbury Homestead WeddingEynesbury Homestead WeddingHow we met: Online, I thought he was cute and gentle giant. He liked my smile.

The Proposal: Took place on holidays, when we were in Queensland by the waterfall.

Eynesbury Homestead