Farm Wedding South Gippsland

They decided it best to have a small intimate family farm wedding South Gippsland, with just Alyce’s family. Bringing back the wedding two days, to get in before lockdown 5.0 was a big effort. Unfortunately not everyone could attend. Alyce: “My family is very important to me, growing up on a farm, I think it’s a nice homage to my roots. A night wedding on the family farm is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Custom made designed by D’Italai, who organised Dressmaker: Judith Penak Couture
Shoes // Panache Veil // Madame Tulle
Suit // Joe Black, David Jones. Shoes // R&M Williams
Hair // Ashley Bendall – Abstract Hair Studio
Make up // BH Beauty
Celebrant // Sarah Sullivan
Flowers // The Willow Branch
Furniture Hire // Shimmer Marquees
Wedding Cake // Alyce’s mum is making the cake
Catering // Mad as a Platter & Middle Pub Korumburra
Photos // Andrew – Passion8 Inverloch

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How we met: We were both living at University College (a residential college for university afflicted with Melbourne Uni). Shaun: An University College. We didn’t think much of each other at first.
Alyce: Didn’t really have much to do with Shaun in the first half of the year; it was more the second when we probably actually spoke to one another. I thought he was (and still is) very confident and direct.

Farm Wedding South Gippslandmarried on farmhappy coupleFarm Wedding South GippslandFarm Wedding South GippslandFarm Wedding South GippslandThe Proposal: Shaun: I did, and I had to because I wanted to move back to Australia to work and be with Alyce since I was working in Singapore since I graduated in 2015 and had to go home, so we started the paperwork process for the prospective marriage visa in October, when Alyce came to visit me in November, I asked her the question in the bedroom as she wanted a proposal to be similar to the one in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”
Alyce: I never wanted a proposal where people would be witnessing and it was a spectacle, I always wanted something intimate. It took me by surprise, especially since I had only just landed in Singapore. Shaun always told me, that if we made it to 5yrs he would marry me, it had only been 4.5yrs.