Fergusson Winery Wedding

We chose our wedding venue at Fergusson Winery in the Yarra Valley, because we it ticked all the boxes.  The location, ability for our cars to fit and a great party vibe. Fergusson Winery is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Fairy tales Bridal Nunawading
Suits // Mason Grey for suits
Hair // Brooke Ziba salon
Make up // Dana Beraldo MUA
Venue Styling // Fergusson Winery And Restaurant
Conducting the service // Leana Stone
Flowers // Rain Florist Diamond Creek
Wedding Cake // Pelligra Cakes
Cars // Brett and Joel Matthews
Band // JMD Entertainment

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How we met: First met at third chapter cafe Eltham in July 2018. Britt thought Brett was very tall and handsome. Brett thought Britt was a blonde bombshell out of his league.

The Proposal: Brett proposed on December 3rd 2022 at Arthurs Seat lookout. Brett was anxious yet nervous. Britt was suspicious and once he proposed she was ecstatic.
Fergusson Winery Wedding happy couple Fergusson Winery Wedding Fergusson Winery Wedding Fergusson Winery Wedding groom bride Fergusson Winery Wedding

As a wedding photographer, capturing the magic of weddings at Fergusson Winery in the enchanting Yarra Valley is an absolute delight. This venue is a photographer’s dream, offering a serene and relaxed ambiance that beautifully complements the celebration of love.

I get to take my shots amidst the rolling vineyards and verdant landscapes, where every angle is a picture-perfect moment waiting to happen. The ancient oak trees provide a natural, rustic backdrop for couples saying their vows, and the soft rustling of leaves adds a touch to the atmosphere.

Inside the weathered timber barn, my Nikon Z8 comes alive as it captures the warm, soft lighting that sets the scene for intimate receptions. The winery’s wines, crafted on-site, offer unique photo opportunities, as guests savor award-winning flavors against the backdrop of wine barrels and vintage charm.

As the goes down below the horizon, the outdoor terrace transforms into a magical canvas for me to work with, painting the newlyweds in a warm, golden glow. Fergusson Winery’s relaxed elegance allows me to create timeless images, preserving the cherished memories of a perfect day in the Yarra Valley.