Forest Edge Wedding

We chose our venues, we chose the church in macclesfield as we both have religious backgrounds we chose forest edge for its beautiful views and great feedback that they have received, a great set up too and atmosphere. Forest Edge is where the wedding photography took place.

Hair & Make up // Melissa Jane – Hairdressing In Cockatoo
Conducting the service // Paul Barbieri
Flowers // Naire’s Dad Is Arranging This
Wedding Cake // Suzie (Art You Can Eat)

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How we met: We met April 22nd 2021 at Zone bowling in Clayton, I just felt an instant attraction to naire, a spark that i knew would last forever. Naire feels the exact same way.

The Proposal: funny story, true story. Michael had his office door closed when i got home, i came to knock on the door before entering, Michael said come in, once i opened the door i saw him on one knee and i instantly almost went backwards through the wall in shock but in good way.
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