Harman Wines Wedding

Our original venue canceled due to covid and we were lucky to get a new amazing venue and have a Harman Wines Wedding. The bridal party (girls) prepared for the big day at the RACV Resort Inverloch.  Harman Wines is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Maria’s bridal
Grooms Suit // Panther’s Mensland- Wonthaggi
Hair // Nikya Toomey for hair
Make up // Makeup by Ebonie
Celebrant // Megan Harris
Invites // State of Elliott
Flowers // Hana studio
Wedding Cake // Cara Carter & Seasoned & Co
Band // Alysha & Duddy

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groombridesmaids funMegan Harris celebranthappy coupleHarman Wines Wedding
How we met: We met online! (Tinder) back in Oct 2016
Harman Wines WeddingHarman Wines WeddingHarman Wines WeddingHarman Wines WeddingHarman Wines Weddingthe girls
The Proposal: Agnes falls! I was shocked! But happy

Harman Wines “Is a 10 acre farm situated 7 kilometres inland from the Bass Strait coast line. We are located just out of Inverloch at Wattle Bank which is in the picturesque region of the bass coast, Victoria. It should be no surprise that our location is a heavily maritime influenced cool climate zone where the vineyard is cooled in summer by gentle sea breezes allowing for a slow and consistent ripening of the fruit. The original vines were planted 2008, with plantings continuing ever since. The soils consist of rich loam over clay and are managed using a blend of organic principals”