Marybrooke Manor Dandenongs

We chose our venue, Marybrooke Manor in the Dandenongs. It had everything all in the one place. Accomodation for those travelling, a lot of everything included, and scenery for great photos. Marybrooke Manor is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Fairytale boutique
Hair & Make up // Amy by South (Amy)
Venue Styling // Marybrooke manor
Celebrant // Deborah Judkins
Invites // Vista print
Flowers // Jo JO’S bouquets (Joanne Bach)
Wedding Cake // Sweets by Samantha (Samantha Olsen)
DJ // Marybrooke manor

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How we met: Met at a go kart track in South side Brisbane. A mutual friend set us up via Facebook messenger so we had been talking for nearly 2 months before we met. First impressions were I can’t remember exactly but we always had a good conversation flow. Never an awkward silence.

The Proposal: Robbie proposed on our 6 year anniversary at home after a movie and order in take out. I was pregnant with our second baby and didn’t want to go out so this was perfect .Marybrooke Manor Dandenongs married today happy couple Marybrooke Manor Dandenongs Marybrooke Manor Dandenongs Marybrooke Manor Dandenongs