Wedding at the Sandhurst Club

Wedding at the Sandhurst Club. Michelle and Dale chose the Sandhurst Club for their wedding because most of Dale’s family come from the western suburbs and they felt it would be closer to both families to attend. They also wanted something very casual more like a party style wedding, since it is their second marriage. Michelle wore a dress from Melbourne Formalwear, Courtney Bahnsen did a great job on the hair & make up and flowers by Virgin Flowers. The wedding ceremony was conducted by Julie Cowley on the lawn at the Sandhurst Club. Their car was supplied by Mustang Car Hire and the cake, made by Sunbeam Cakes. The wedding photography was taken around the golf course and surrounds at the Sandhurst Club.

Michelle said “We knew each other through our children’s sport about 15 years ago and our mutual friends thought that we would be good together and reintroduced us 3 years ago. I only knew Dale in an official capacity as we both had specific roles in the Basketball club we were associated with. Dale states that he had always admired me as a person. When we met 3 years ago and I began to get to know him, he impressed me with his kindness, his sense of humour and his love of his dad. Dale proposed to me just after we had signed papers to purchase our block of land (of which we built our home this year). We went to look at the block and he found a piece of cardboard and got down on one knee and proposed.”

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