Book in a Friendly Wedding Photographer for your Sandringham Ceremony

You’re making an excellent choice if you intend to book in our wedding photography services for your Sandringham gathering. At Passion8, we have a true passion for and love of Melbourne’s seaside suburbs. There isn’t a thing we would change about the Victorian coastline: from the storied histories of the beaches themselves to the culture, art and vibrant people that are an integral part of every Melbourne coastal community, they are all truly valuable.

Weddings at the Sandringham Yacht Club

This particular suburb is one of our favourites. It’s home to a tremendous amount of art and culture, which we love to capture on film – and which can play a big part in providing you with beautiful and interesting pictures for your album. There are also plenty of elegant and authentic older buildings to be found throughout the area, including the historic Sandringham railway station.

Anyone looking for pictures that evoke memories of an Australian era gone by – or anyone with a taste for picturesque seaside scenery – should talk to a wedding photographer from our team about capturing their Sandringham marriage event. We can even recommend high-quality venues, if you haven’t yet decided on a location for your ceremony: one such place is the lovely Southern Golf Club.

Sandringham Yacht Club wedding Sunset photo