A Professional Wedding Photographer for St Kilda Events

As one of Melbourne’s oldest and most culturally rich suburbs, there are few places more suited for beautiful wedding photography than St Kilda. It combines the colourful and refreshing atmosphere of Victoria’s coastline with the vibrant world of Melbourne’s art and people.

There are plenty of excellent locations throughout this suburb that make ideal backdrops for pictures of the happy couple or their wedding party. Of course, this location is home to Melbourne’s most famous seaside vista. Wedding photography at St Kilda Beach evokes carefree days spent by the water, as well as holding a loved one close as the sun dips below the ocean. If you’re planning wedding photography at the Riva in St Kilda, or any other foreshore location, the rich sunset makes a perfect backdrop for your love story.

Riva St. Kilda Wedding

Any couple would do well to keep Luna Park in mind as a location, as well. The wide variety of attractions and sights are great for group shots, and if you’re feeling adventurous then you can see about incorporating some of the rides into your pictures!

Weddings at Circa | The Prince

The Esplanade is another beautiful historical site that stretches throughout the suburb – the wide range of historic buildings and various colourful shopfronts that make up this boulevard will lend some local flavour to your Passion8 wedding photography album.

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