Toms Cap Winery Wedding

Holly said “We a Toms Cap Winery wedding as we like nature and the outdoors, we enjoy the lay back environment and close to home.” The wedding photography was taken at Toms Cap Vineyard in Gippsland. “We met at an event my workplace was holding and Clinton was part of the team who we held the event. 10 months after that we stayed dating because, I didn’t think Clinton was right for me. I didn’t bother talking to him, as I didn’t want to lead him on. In saying that, he still would come into my work to try and talk to me as he wanted to get to know me. Then my heart soften and I started to like him more, we started dating. That was 4 years ago.”

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We both knew each other and our desire to get married we just were waiting for the right time with fiances and the doors to open. So we were both and still are happy. Clinton made the day special taking me where we had our 1st date he made little stops and clues with gifts on the way. And cooked us both a lunch. He got the ring made to order.

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