Jessica and Scott wanted something unique for their wedding. “We loved that the Melbourne Museum has stunning architecture and textures complimented by the natural setting of Carlton Gardens outside it.” Sally Hughes conducted the wedding ceremony in the round at the museum. Nikki D, did a great job with the makeup and the theme was classy and intimate. The wedding photography all happened at the Melbourne Museum and gave a unique look to the images.

Jessica said “we met in April 2010 at a Hot Bikram Yoga class in Richmond. They worked out side by side, and all the while Scott found himself distracted by the beautiful brunette who was clearly more capable than he. After their rather sweaty class, Scott approached me and asked her if she’d join him for dinner at his favourite Thai restaurant nearby. I agreed and after taking what Scott deemed to be a considerably long time to ready herself in the change rooms, they walked to the restaurant, Palm Sugar.”

The proposal was another unforgettable event. Over many months, Scott worked to create a website [] to announce his intent to marry Jessica. He would often sneak out of bed once Jessica had fallen asleep to work on the project and even commissioned an illustrator to depict the moment of his proposal, as he had hoped it would occur. Jessica was both surprised and overwhelmed, so much so that happy tears filled her eyes. She accepted Scott’s proposal and then sat with her husband-to-be, enjoying dinner and a view of the Melbourne skyline. Sunset came and went as the pair enjoyed a bottle of champagne and stars filled the sky. The following day, they embarked upon their first holiday as an engaged couple.

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