Wedding at Vogue Ballroom

Wedding at Vogue Ballroom. When asked why they chose Elwood Pier and Vogue Ballroom for their wedding, Sharon said “Elwood Pier- Because we wanted to get married on the beach and thought the pier was perfect.
Vogue Ballroom – We both loved the place and had a good feeling when we walked in.” RSVP limo drove the family to Elwood Pier and Vogue Ballroom. Jon Von Goes conducted the ceremony on Elwood Pier and Turbo Productions videoed the day. Elwood Pier, City locations and Vogue Ballroom is where all the wedding photography took place.

Sharon said “Stergios was my soccer coach. I thought he would be good for friend my Pana. He thought of me as the girl that always ran late. The proposal was on a Sunday Morning and I was in bed. He sent our dog in with a tag around her neck. Attached was a picture of wedding ring and the words will you marry him on it. I said yes to the dog and no to him (as a joke).”

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