Wedding The Shearing Shed

Originally, we were going to do a DIY wedding, as we didn’t like the idea of a stuffy, white reception centre. So we looked around for places which matched both our vision for a rustic wedding, while also not exceeding the budget. Additionally, we have always loved Phillip Island and when we stumbled across The Shearing Shed everything fell into place. The Shearing Shed Phillip Island is where the wedding photography took place.

Wedding gown // Fairytales Bridal, Nunawading
Hair & Make up // Melissa Kimmer – @mk_hm_professional
Styling // Over the Top Events
Celebrant // Lisa-Anne Celebrant
Flowers // The Willow Branch @thewillowbranch
Wedding Cake // Elaine’s Cakes @elaines_cakes
Video // Passion8
DJ // DJ Masters

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wedding the shearing shedbeautifulbeach weddingbridewedding the shearing shedwedding the shearing shedwedding the shearing shedwedding the shearing shedHow we met: Many years ago when I was playing social basketball, one of my friends/teammates (also bridesmaid at the wedding, Claire) invited a couple of her friends, Trent and Mitch, to come and watch the game. I was briefly introduced to Mitch at the end of the game but thought nothing more. Claire then invited me to come to a ‘battle of the bands’ at the Stammo where Trent was playing. Mitch and a few of his mates also came along to watch and we started chatting at the gig, as much as you can chat when a band is playing. Afterwards, all of us headed to the classic location of Maccas and Mitch and I continued to chat – my main memory from this night was that he was wearing a wife beater tank and it made him look so tall and lanky. Little did I know at the time, Mitch had asked Claire to get me to come that night so he could see me again. The next day I headed to Adelaide for a holiday, so in typical modern fashion, Mitch added me to Facebook where we kept chatting and getting to know each other. In Mitch’s words – “I saw Heather at her basketball game and walking away from me.
I was then asked by a mutual friend (Claire) if she wanted me to bring anyone to my mates gig. I replied with her (pointing at heather) ‘the one with the nice ass'”

The Proposal: On a nice January evening, Heather came home from hanging out with her sister and mum, to open the front door and see rose petals trailing from the front door all through the kitchen to and out of the back door. Heather called out to Mitch and he started to ‘yell’ at the dog about bringing rose petals in with him. Heather followed the petals out onto the back deck and saw Mitch on one knee, dog lead in one hand (although, in natural doggo way, all JJ wanted to do was come and say hi which caused a momentary distraction). Mitch gave a beautiful speech and asked Heather to marry him. There wasn’t a second of hesitation before she said a huge yes!