Yering Station Wedding

Yering Station Wedding. Grant & Adam chose Yering Station because they loved the way it strikes a balance between elegance, relaxed atmosphere and sense of fun. Their priorities were great food and drinks, as well as great music to create a memorable night. The wedding photography took place at Yering Station.

Adam and Grant met 7 years ago. They were at a club with their friends, which I’m told, is the last place one would expect to find a life partner. They were not looking for love at that time. They caught each others eye on the dance floor and I am told Grant is quite a good dancer. Grant gave Adam his phone number and from here the story gets murky…. There are two versions of events albeit with the same outcome, Grant is certain he wrote his number on a piece of paper, Adam is sure (dare I say Adamant) that he put it in his phone.
Either way Adam was so enthusiastic with his laundry the next morning, that he washed his jeans and his phone! It appeared all was lost. Fast forward 6 months later, Same club. Same spot on the dance floor, numbers exchanged and this time not lost or washed.There were a number of dates and it was quickly agreed, This is exclusive.

Wedding Suits // Menzclub & M.J. Bale
Celebrant // Linda Whitehead
Flowers // Wild Vali
Car Company // Your Hummer
Band // The Bombastics

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Their relationship developed at a pace that felt comfortable to both of them.
While it felt that their love for each other came quite quickly, they knew it was important to enjoy how their lives slowly knitted together.
But after a couple of years, Adam knew that he was ready to make the big step
He proposed to Grant before they had even moved in together, but the theme of “things getting lost” continues, which is surprising as anyone who knows Adam, knows he is organised, a planner.
However on a night out with friends while telling a story after a few too many……. hand movements, his engagement ring flew from his finger. Gone, never to be found.

Yering Station WeddingYering Station WeddingYering Station Wedding

A few months later, while technically still engaged, Adam knew Grant had a replacement ring and hoped for a proposal while on a holiday in Thailand with friends.
Disappointment grew, as nothing seemed to be happening. No ring in sight.
But this time Grant, who usually prefers to think on the run, had his own plan and had the ring hidden in a shoe in their shared suitcase!
Grant did surprise Adam and proposed in front of their friends on the final night of the holiday.
Shortly following this holiday they moved on to their next big milestone and bought their first home
Now, after more than 5 years of patiently waiting (sometimes not so patient), the time has finally come for their relationship to make the ultimate commitment!

Yering Station WeddingYering Station WeddingYering Station WeddingYering Station Wedding