Sails on the Bay city Wedding

Sails on the Bay city Wedding. The Hilton South Wharf is where Sarah and Michael prepared for their wedding. The wedding was conducted by Koren Harvey at Sails on the Bay, in Elwood. Sarah says they choose Sails on the Bay because “it was perfect, by the beach but out of the cold Melbourne weather.” The wedding photography was captured in Melbourne by the Yarra River, at the Hilton South Wharf and at Sails on the Bay. The colour theme was Navy Blue, which is very in at the moment. Flowers and Invitations were supplied by Mickey loves Jacqui and the cake was supplied by Sails on the Bay.
Sails on the Bay city Wedding

We Met at Work

Sarah says “We met while we were both working at NHP, but really got to know each other at the local pub on a Friday Night. We became fast friends which has set the foundation for our relationship. my initial thoughts of Michael is that he was a true gentleman and that he shared my twisted sense of humour, Michael tells me he was first attracted to me easy going style and sense of humour.”